Lasting Leadership: President John L. Crain

Retiring this summer, University President John L. Crain has spent his career effectively serving Southeastern through dauntless determination, acumen, and skill. BY SHERI GIBSON Over the past 15 years, the world—and with it the Southeastern region—has undergone sweeping changes. From the Great Recession, devastating hurricanes, and COVID-19 to technological shifts in how we gather information, are entertained, work, and interact with each other, resulting in … Continue reading Lasting Leadership: President John L. Crain

Ensuring a Greener Tomorrow

Southeastern is providing independent, scientific monitoring of Lake Maurepas during Air Products’ Clean Energy Complex work. BY TONYA LOWENTRITT With the ever-increasing rise of greenhouse gas emissions, the risks to the health of our planet—and all who call it home—are colossal. “Southeastern will be monitoring all facets of this project involving the lake to ensure up-to-date data and information are available. We will make all … Continue reading Ensuring a Greener Tomorrow

Leaving a Legacy and Honoring a Legend

Since 1935, Hollis “Roomie” Wilson’s impact has been woven throughout the Southeastern community. Now it will continue in an added way, helping students make their own mark through a new scholarship established in his honor. BY TONYA LOWENTRITT Most people know the name of Southeastern’s mascot is Roomie the Lion; however, not many know how he got his name. Our mascot was named after a … Continue reading Leaving a Legacy and Honoring a Legend

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Matching for Life

Hundreds of members of the Southeastern community have chosen to make life-saving gifts by donating bone marrow to unknown patients. Here is just one of their stories. BY SHERI GIBSON During Homecoming Week 2013, Southeastern student Alika Jones made a choice that would eventually save a life—and inspire countless others to do the same. At a tent set up near Friendship Circle for recruiting potential … Continue reading Matching for Life

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20 Years of the Southeastern Channel

Since 2002, the Southeastern Channel has been producing original, award-winning content for local audiences, while setting its students on a path to career success. BY RICK SETTOON A flip of the switch was all it took, and the Southeastern Channel was formally “on the air,” christened by a small group of officials from Southeastern and Charter Cable as the University’s new educational access television station. … Continue reading 20 Years of the Southeastern Channel

College of Education Awarded $5 Million Grant

Southeastern’s College of Education has received a five-year $5 million federal grant to strengthen the recruitment and preparation of new teachers, including increasing the number of teachers from underrepresented populations. The project is titled Building Rigorous Induction and Development for Growing all Educators, or BRIDGE. “By partnering with school districts, the BRIDGE project will support beginning teachers beyond graduation,” said College of Education Dean Paula … Continue reading College of Education Awarded $5 Million Grant

Nursing School of the Year

Southeastern’s undergraduate nursing program has been recognized by the Louisiana Nurses Foundation with the Nightingale Award as the Nursing School of the Year. The awards recognize the achievements of the nursing program’s students and faculty. This is the fifth time Southeastern has been recognized with a Nightingale Award for the undergraduate nursing program. The competition is evaluated by a panel of out-of-state judges who review … Continue reading Nursing School of the Year

Giving Day Impact Increases

Southeastern Giving Day has become an annual fall tradition since it was first implemented in 2014. The initiative encourages all members of the University community to come together for 24 hours in support of Southeastern and its students. Developing momentum, Giving Day has continually grown over the years in both numbers of participants and amounts raised. During this past year’s event, held Sept. 14, 1,472 … Continue reading Giving Day Impact Increases

2022 Ally Organization of the Year

Southeastern was honored recently by the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA) with the Ally Organization of the Year award. LaFASA is the coalition agency that serves statewide sexual assault crisis centers through education, professional training, technical assistance, and community engagement resulting in safer, healthier, stronger, and better-informed communities throughout Louisiana. Groups on campus that contributed to being named Ally Organization of the Year include … Continue reading 2022 Ally Organization of the Year

Pathway to the World’s Stage

Southeastern prides itself on inspiring its students and community to dream big. Recently, students have been making headlines nationally and internationally by performing and following their dreams. Each one has a unique story and something special that inspires them, whether it be a childhood dream, a past teacher, or the feeling you get knowing you’re doing what you love. Here are a few that have … Continue reading Pathway to the World’s Stage