Southeastern Biologist Discovers New Species of Crocodile

Above image, from left, with the new species at St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park: Jen Brueggen, park social media manager; Caleb McMahan; Christopher Murray; and John Brueggen, park director. It has been a while since anyone has found a new crocodile. Thanks to the research of Southeastern Assistant Professor of Biology Christopher Murray and his colleague and former Southeastern classmate Caleb McMahan, that is … Continue reading Southeastern Biologist Discovers New Species of Crocodile

Fateful Encounter: A Southeastern WWII Love Story

The year is 1944. In New York City, the Metropolitan Opera House is playing its first jazz concert, featuring the talents of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. The film Casablanca wins three Academy Awards: one for Best Picture, one for Best Director, and one for Best Adapted Screenplay. In France, The Allied Forces land on the beaches of Normandy in a historical military assault. In … Continue reading Fateful Encounter: A Southeastern WWII Love Story

Increasing Our Understanding of Bats and Their Impact

Bats comprise 20 percent of Earth’s mammal population. As the second most populous species of mammals in the world, they have a profound impact on ecosystems across the globe—including the humans that are a part of them. Yet despite their prevalence, there is still much left to uncover about these fascinating winged little creatures. By tracking them through an innovative system on the International Space … Continue reading Increasing Our Understanding of Bats and Their Impact

Beach Dreams Become Reality

As the weather starts to work its way out of the winter doldrums in March, most people are dreaming of the beach and sand between their toes. This spring those dreams are jumping to a new level for the student-athletes on Southeastern’s inaugural beach volleyball team. Enjoying a surge in popularity, 75 collegiate programs competed last season in what the NCAA once termed an emerging … Continue reading Beach Dreams Become Reality

Rise and Shine

Communication major Raychelle Riley spent the summer of 2019 interning for Southeastern alumna Robin Roberts at Good Morning America (GMA) in New York City. This phenomenal educational opportunity was created through a partnership between Robin and the Southeastern Foundation. As the first recipient of this internship, Raychelle recounts her hands-on learning experience while working with Robin at GMA. As the sun rises to welcome the … Continue reading Rise and Shine

Learning from a Star: Clarence Gilyard

Whether or not you know him by name, you know Clarence Gilyard and his iconic work. Gilyard made his mark in some of the most popular TV shows of the ’80s and ’90s, including as James Trivette in Walker, Texas Ranger, Conrad McMasters in Matlock, and Benjamin Webster in CHIPs; performed in blockbuster movies such as Die Hard and Top Gun; and much more during … Continue reading Learning from a Star: Clarence Gilyard

Giving Back: Partnering for Increased Opportunities

Support comes to Southeastern’s students in many ways. A growing area of support is coming from industry and companies in the private sector who view their efforts as both altruistic and wise investing. This kind of support ensures that students in key fields are prepared to enter the workforce at a level the companies need, ready to make an impact from day one of employment. … Continue reading Giving Back: Partnering for Increased Opportunities

Shooting for the Stars

Southeastern REC Partners with NASA to Bring the Dreams of Space Exploration to Children’s Summer Camp Experience Can you picture yourself as a child, fascinated with rocket ships and astronauts? Did you ever fall asleep dreaming of the great beyond under stars on your bedroom ceiling? Kids have a natural curiosity about space exploration and, if nurtured, it can lead to a world of educational … Continue reading Shooting for the Stars

New Lion on Campus

A new lion statue now stands sentry over Southeastern’s Friendship Circle with his gaze set upon Strawberry Stadium. The project was headed and funded by the Student Government Association. During an event held in Friendship Circle leading up to the home-opener Jacksonville State game and tailgating, the statue’s unveiling helped kick off the beginning of the Lions’ football season on campus. Created by Matt Glenn … Continue reading New Lion on Campus

Biology Building Dedicated

Southeastern formally dedicated the Biology Building this past fall. Although officially it has been renamed the Thelma Ryan Biological Science Building, the building façade now bears the name “Thelma Ryan Biology Building.” In 2017, Southeastern received the largest single donation in its history, an endowment totaling $10 million, from Seth W. Ryan, a 1953 Southeastern business graduate who passed away in March that same year. … Continue reading Biology Building Dedicated