A New Era for the Driver’s License

Southeastern Alumni Develop the Nation’s First Legal Digital Driver’s License The driver’s license has been an indispensable part of many Americans’ lives for decades. But while its components have evolved over time and between states, at its core it has essentially remained the same—a physical piece of identification. Now, well over 100 years after the first personal driver’s license was issued on a simple, small … Continue reading A New Era for the Driver’s License

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Leading the Way in Aphasia Research

Southeastern Louisiana University Professor of Health and Human Sciences and Scholar in Residence Nina Simmons-Mackie was honored recently as the first American to receive the Robin Tavistock Award from the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia (TTA) in Britain. The award is named after the 14th Duke of Bedford who founded the TTA after suffering a brain hemorrhage in 1988 that left him with aphasia, a complex … Continue reading Leading the Way in Aphasia Research