Addy Award Winner

Southeastern’s Office of University Marketing and Communication’s Assistant Director of Creative Michael Trahan recently won Silver in the American Advertising Federation (AAF), Baton Rouge’s American Advertising Awards. It then went on to achieve Silver in AAF’s District 7 (“South” states) competition, earning an entry to compete in this year’s national awards. These wins demonstrate not only excellence in design and marketing, but also the ability to excel in adapting to and overcoming unprecedented challenges.

Columbia Theatre has produced a traditional brochure, designed by University Marketing and Communications, to promote each season since 2002. When COVID-19 caused multiple cancellations to the ’20/’21 season, the current brochures became obsolete shortly after printing. A new way was needed to print this popular piece while incorporating the ability to adjust information during these uncertain times.

As a solution, the ’21/’22 brochure was reimagined into a series of “show cards” which are housed in a box/sleeve. Each card features custom poster art on the front and performance information on the back. These cards not only function as a series of collectible art, but each one can be used as a separate flyer or handout. Most importantly, each card is easily replaceable if a show is canceled or changed in the future.

The piece has additionally won gold in the Collegiate Advertising awards and silver in the Communicator Awards, for a total of four awards and counting.

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