Southeastern Channel Awarded Best in the Nation

The Southeastern Channel has once again been recognized as best in the nation by College Broadcasters, Inc. The channel was honored at CBI’s National Student Production Awards with first place in the nation for Best Video Newscast for its Nov. 11, 2020, episode of the student newscast, Northshore News. It marks the 11th time that the Southeastern Channel has won first place in the nation honors in college television from College Broadcasters, Inc.

Channel2The Southeastern Channel also won five other national honors from CBI, including second place in the nation for Best Hard News Reporting, Best Feature News Reporting, Best Video Promo, and Best Video PSA. The channel also won a third-place award in the Best Hard News Reporting category.

The channel won its awards from the over 1,000 entries submitted by the top broadcasting schools from throughout the nation. Its six national awards were the most of any other college television station in the country.

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