Lowest Student Debt in the State

Southeastern students have the least student loan debt out of all the universities in the state, according to statistics recently released by LendEDU. The average debt per borrower for Southeastern’s graduating class of 2017 was ranked number 1 in Louisiana for least debt and number 46 among public colleges nationwide.

In Louisiana, the average debt per student borrower is $26,808, the 19th lowest in the nation. Forty-eight percent of Louisiana students graduated with debt. Southeastern graduates reported the average borrower taking out $20,164, 14 percent less than the previous year.

“For over 90 years now, Southeastern has been dedicated to one thing—our students’ success,” said Southeastern President John L. Crain. “Part of that focus on student success is sensitivity to college affordability. Southeastern has always represented a great value, and we have a longstanding tradition of programs and initiatives that save students money.”

He pointed to two examples: the Southeastern Promise, with its four-year path to approved degree completion that comes with a fixed net tuition guarantee for participants, and the university’s textbook rental program, which saves students thousands of dollars while attaining their degrees.

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