Giving Back: Interview with Bryan Boudreaux

Retired Walmart executive and class of 1990 alum Bryan Boudreaux credits Southeastern for having a profound impact on his life. We recently sat down with him to learn more about how his time at Southeastern has helped shape his success, and why he chooses to give back.

QHow do you think Southeastern affected your life / career?
AMy time at Southeastern has set the tone for the last 29 years of my life. I attribute any successes I’ve garnered to date to the lessons I learned at Southeastern. The university shaped who I am as a leader and who I am as a person in so many ways. Not to mention, I met my wife at Southeastern 32 years ago and I simply can’t measure the impact she’s had on my life and career success.

QDo you have any particular fond memories of Southeastern?
AI thoroughly enjoyed my time at Southeastern. I have so many fond memories of it—“studying” all hours at the Brown Door and the numerous opportunities to be involved in campus activities through SGA, ROTC, and Greek life, which in particular helped me become who I am today. Thanks to all my Brothers in Alpha Tau Omega!

QDid any professors / teachers make a difference in your education?
ASo many professors had an impact but one in particular stands out. He really helped propel my career in the Army—LTC Paul Marek. I’ll never forget Colonel Marek having a conversation with me in his office about what he saw in me—the potential to be an Army officer. It was his encouragement that launched my career.

QWhat inspired your donation?
AI’ve always been grateful for my time at Southeastern. The environment was nurturing and provided me with many opportunities to make mistakes and learn in a safe environment.

QHow will your donation be used?
AOur gift is an endowed scholarship to the College of Business. Our goal is to support “future leaders” in the supply chain management program. I’ve spent the last 23 years working in logistics and can’t say enough about the opportunities I’ve had to learn, grow, and take care of our family with this discipline as my career.

QWhat do you hope your gift will accomplish?
AMy wife and I hope our scholarship will provide a helping hand, a hand that nudges students into a successful career in the supply chain field.

QWhat would you say to others considering supporting students?
AI’ve visited Southeastern many times over the years since graduation. Each time I visit I’m reminded of the good times and the solid foundation the university helps form. It was during one of these visits that I decided I wanted to give back. After discussions we decided that providing a scholarship was the best way for us to show our commitment and gratitude to Southeastern. Giving is a great way to not only help students and the university, it’s a way to affirm that what we received from Southeastern was more than a degree—it was a valuable education.

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