Embracing All 72,000+ Alumni

The Southeastern Alumni Association has made a significant change to its membership guidelines. Dues are no longer required to join, and all graduates will automatically become part of the Alumni Association.

Executive Director of the Alumni Association Michelle Biggs said the new open structure allows the organization to embrace all 72,000+ alumni as members of the Southeastern community, while also increasing numbers for better networking and meaningful social opportunities. It enables the staff to better focus resources on providing more of the innovative, career-focused programming that so many have requested, she said.

“Being part of a strong, supportive community is more important now than ever,” Biggs said. “The Southeastern Alumni Association is proud to help foster such a community, one where all alumni can come together to mentor younger generations, engage in career advancement opportunities, share in celebrations, and much more—whether physically distanced or face to face.”

Alumni will be able to participate in the core engagement activities that are at the center of what the association does, Biggs explained. Opportunities include advancing careers and networking with alumni on SoutheasternConnect.org; mentoring a young alumnus or student; connecting with friends—old and new—at social events, such as reunions, crawfish boils, football tailgates, and wine tastings; and celebrating the accomplishments of Southeastern’s most distinguished alumni at the annual Alumni Awards Evening.

For more information, visit southeastern.edu/alumni to explore the full list of benefits and find ways to stay engaged with peers and the University.

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