Lab School Expands Offerings With New Pre-K

The Southeastern Laboratory School began offering a Pre-K curriculum this fall. Lab School Director Stephen Labbe’ said that with the implementation of Tier 1 curriculum in grades K-8, the school wanted to make sure all students are prepared and ready for the rigors of the curriculum.

“By offering a Pre-K program, we will be able to ensure when students enter kindergarten they have the necessary social, emotional, cognitive, language, literacy, and math skills to be successful,” Labbe’ said. “All other schools in our district have Pre-K programs. We want to keep with the University’s mission by leading in educational development, as well as following the University’s core value of excellence.”

Parents have been requesting adding a Pre-K for a few years, Labbe’ added. Last fall, the school sent out an interest survey, and the results were very positive.

“Adding a Pre-K class to the existing Lab School ensures student readiness for kindergarten and the grades beyond,” said Dean of the College of Education Paula Calderon. “The credit for this development goes to Mr. Labbe’, who, with the support of Dr. Crain and the University administration, was instrumental in making this happen. Not only are we filling a gap in the community, but we are also advancing the core values of excellence and caring.”

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