Southeastern Giving Day Continues to Grow

Southeastern Giving Day, an annual online event facilitated by the Southeastern Foundation in support of Southeastern Louisiana University, was held Oct. 21, 2020. The 2020 Giving Day achieved both more participants and more funds raised than the 2019 event, itself a record-setting year.

This year’s event provided University supporters with a way to help students and Southeastern in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While originally scheduled as a 24-hour event, due to a torrent of participation the giving platform remained open through Oct. 28 to provide more University supporters with an opportunity to donate to the cause.

Over the years, Southeastern Giving Day has garnered over $500,000 combined for Southeastern and Southeastern students.

“We are appreciative of the remarkable outpouring of support during 2020 Giving Day, especially during this difficult time,” said Development Coordinator Austyn Finnk. “Over 1,000 individuals, a 33 percent increase since last year, have voiced their commitment to ensuring the continued success of our University, our students, and our community. Together we have raised $163,407, about a 60 percent increase over 2019.”

This past year’s event allowed donors to select an individual college, department, organization, or project important to them, directly giving back to the areas toward which they feel most passionate.

To learn more about Southeastern Giving Day, visit

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