Ring of Tradition

The official Southeastern Ring, a symbol of achievement for generations of alumni, has many stories to tell.

Over 72,000 alumni have called Southeastern’s campus home since the University’s inception nearly 100 years ago. Countless unique experiences paint one cohesive picture inspired by the deep-rooted traditions of our University. One such tradition is the official Southeastern Ring.

The official ring of Southeastern is issued exclusively by the Southeastern Alumni Association and distributed by the Southeastern Bookstore. This special token of Lion Pride symbolizes the academic success of our alumni and soon-to-be graduates while also capturing the uniqueness of our beloved University.

The official Southeastern ring is not only attractive but also holds great meaning. Our official colors, green and gold, highlight the ring. Gold, the most precious of metals, represents value, endurance and education. Green
symbolizes new life through earning a degree. The bold Southeastern “S,” which stands proud atop the ring,
reminds those who wear it of the everlasting friendships and memories made on our beautiful campus.

On one side of the ring is the degree earned, followed by Roomie, our lion mascot. The three columns represent the three names by which Southeastern has been known: Hammond Junior College, Southeastern Louisiana College, and Southeastern Louisiana University. A rendering of Friendship Oak is a reminder of the very heartbeat of our University, where our roots run deep. Its broad branches spread wide just as our alumni take their knowledge and share it throughout the vast world.


Below Friendship Oak is the year 1925. This designates the founding year of Hammond Junior College, September 14, 1925. The brick and mortar symbolize continuous growth on campus. Our buildings and classrooms have kept our University growing strong for nearly a century.

On the reverse side of the ring is the wearer’s graduation year. Surrounding the year are two oak branches with
six oak leaves. These represent the 12 live oak trees that grace our campus. Below the oak leaves is Southeastern’s formal seal with the Latin words, “integritas, fortitudo and fidelita.” Translated: integrity, fortitude, and fidelity—these words are the basis upon which our founders built our state and our University. And of course, “Lions” is proudly emblazoned below the seal, marking the spirit that endears us to our alma mater.

The band that connects the two sides of the ring reminds ring holders that they will be connected to Southeastern for the rest of their life. This relationship is reflected in the ring oath, a message that is a staple of the Southeastern Ring Ceremony.

Students wear the rings with the school name facing toward them. Upon the granting of the degrees at commencement, graduates turn the rings around, with the name facing outward. This symbolizes that the new
alum is now ready to face the world as a proud Southeastern graduate.

Students and alumni alike are invited to take part in this tradition. For more information or to purchase your official Southeastern ring, visit Balfour.com/Southeastern.

By Olivia Graziano

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