Reaching New Students Through Targeted Ad Campaign

Following extensive market research and the launch of new logos in 2021, last summer the University announced a reimagined, unified brand to better represent Southeastern today and resonate with target audiences. Throughout the fall and winter, this new branding—with refreshed elements from language to design, photography, and videography—quickly became a bold and ubiquitous identifier of Southeastern.

With these parts now in place, Southeastern is able to effectively enter the next step: a comprehensive, strategic marketing campaign to bring the brand far beyond campus and into the lives of new potential students and their families.

One component of this is Google keyword advertising for searches pertaining to certain degree programs. Through this, Southeastern will be boosted to the forefront of more potential applicants’ minds as having the academic excellence and options they are looking for. This advertising, which began in Dec. ’22 for undergraduate programs and Jan. ’23 for graduate programs, runs through May ’23 to generate
leads for the Fall ’23 semester.

A second component is the launch of both digital and vinyl billboard ads across the region, stretching from Slidell through Baton Rouge and Amite down into New Orleans. These billboards vibrantly display the University’s new branding and tagline, “Get There.”—a bold, straightforward, confident, uplifting, and supportive message that conveys wherever you want to go, Southeastern can help you get there.

The competition within higher education has been growing at an exponential rate, with no signs of it ever slowing down. Thanks in part due to a significant amount of funding from the Southeastern Foundation, the University is able to carry out these plans as another way to proactively adapt to and remain competitive in an increasingly changing market and world.

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